I have contributed sparingly to some open source projects. I am investing more and more time on this activity as time goes on.

Update (2018/08/11): I don’t invest much time on contributing, but I’m trying to do it while working for my employer. More soon (hopefully).


I have contributed by creating some problems for the Racket track in exercism:

  • Implement ETL: ETL consists basically of a hash table inversion: given a table “score -> list of letters”, build a table “letter -> score”.
  • Add the accumulate problem: Accumulate is a way of calling what the foldl function does in Racket: apply a function to all the elements of a list.


RethinkDB is a NoSQL database engine written in C++. I wanted to get my feet wet contributing to a big C++ project, but lost my interest after the first contribution.

Update (2017-12-10): The project has been revived
Update (2017-02-01): The project has been shut down.

  • Fix #3040: From the release notes of 1.16.0 (Stand By Me): “Adjusted the formatting of log levels, no longer print info: lines to stderr and added a notice log level”


For a brief period (circa one year, in 2013) I have contributed to the Debian operating system by maintaining a very small package, cil.

Cil is a text-based issue tracker written in Perl.