The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

Author Mark Manson
Vote 7/10
Reviewed on 2018-12-24
Read in English

It is hard to read advice books and this is one of those. First, there is the thing that it’s annoying to have people lecture you and they often seem smug and condescending. Second, even when you think it’s good advice, you don’t really have a way of telling if it actually is. But I can say that much of what I’ve read in this book seems reasonable, probably because of confirmation bias – that is, it contains many pieces of advice that confirm my belief system.

I agree with the idea that people should worry about fewer things in life. And I also believe that we should remember that we’re going to die and that that’s a sobering thought.

Once you agree with a couple of the key points you need to understand whether you agree with the consequences that the author extracts from them. I have found myself in agreement with some skepticism. And I’ve found some of the advice superfluous, for example when he gives some on love life. But the book contains a necessary and important refresher on entitlement and on our responsibility, and it is good to get reminded of it from time to time.

I liked it and would recommend it to those that feel they’re the victim. I’ve felt like that many times. And I was wrong.