The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Author Neil Gaiman
Vote 7/10
Reviewed on 2019-08-30
Read in English

Great discovery and almost perfect plot. I loved the magic element and the sinister story elements. It’s the story of a kid told years after it actually happened, a hero that is condemned to forget his story every time he finishes telling it, so he can keep living a sane life but at the same time come back to the place where it all happened. Skeleton of the plot: There’s a suicide that attracts some powerful monster from a different plane of the reality, a kid is friends with a little girl that is not what she seems (and in fact is a powerful magician), they step in the world of the monster and seemingly kill it. But something unexpected happens and the monster keeps living hidden in the non-magical kid. Things go pretty bad until at some point the little girl, with the help of his mother and his grandmother, puts an end to it.

The only thing that bothers me is that some of the descriptions are so symbolic that I lost touch with what was going on and it felt like losing small details, but they were few and far apart to the point of not tainting the fruition of the story. Recommended.