The Colour of Magic

Author Terry Pratchett
Vote 3/10
Reviewed on 2018-06-06
Read in English

First book in the Discworld series. It is the story of Rincewind, a failed mage in some made-up city with a weird name, and Twoflower, a tourist from some faraway continent which looks like a person from the real world. The irony is supposed to come from the absurd situations in which Twoflower puts himself into, and the ways Rincewind looks after him to save them both (but also for more practical reasons: first, Twoflower, though being an average insurance employee in his continent, with only an average salary, is paid in a currency that is worth immensely in Rincewind’s realm; and second, because he is threatened by a local politician, who doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Twoflower in order not to disrupt the relationship with between continents).

It is also some parody of the fantasy genre. And I admit that it makes learned citations (the few that I’ve caught, at least) and that some situations are indeed comical. But I didn’t like the irony. Yeah, it’s smart humor, I must admit it; I only can’t find it amusing. Seems like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which I also didn’t like.