The Art of Life

Author Zygmunt Bauman
Vote 4/10
Reviewed on 2019-09-22
Read in Italian

I can’t say that this is a bad book, but still, it’s a book I didn’t appreciate. It sure is an interesting take on the modern world and many of the ideas are worth some pondering. It just felt like its message wasn’t meant for me.

I’ve finished it too long ago (beginning of August) to be able to be specific about its contents. I do remember general remarks about living life as a deliberate project and some criticism of the modern search for happiness and consumerism/capitalism. I haven’t seen anything novel. Here’s a thing that I didn’t like: too many shots in too many directions. Feels like going to a bar and meeting an incredible guy who can speak at length about many subjects, all of them important and interesting, and still feeling that none of that is so interesting that you want to meet the guy again, or take some action after the discussion.

Read it if you want some reflection starters or some reminder about what’s what in the world.