Shoe Dog

Author Phil Knight
Vote 9/10
Reviewed on 2018-11-24
Read in English

This book is the story of Nike, told by its founder. A very powerful tale, and a highly fascinating person. The story focuses mostly on the years 1962 to 1980 when the company was finally incorporated. Like all the good life stories, it starts with a trip around the world at a young age. We learn that Onitsuka is not a recent company turned famous because of the shoes of Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, but a very old one, actually older than Nike itself, and the first supplier of the American company. We follow Phil in his tormented journey along which he found his calling (that he encourages everyone to look for), a beautiful wife, and his tribe (in Seth Godin’s sense: the people that share his vision and empower him to pursue it). Very classical American setting of young entrepreneur that goes through Hell and manages to fulfill his project, the underdog coming from the small city (Portland, OR) and draws the attention of the big investors and a wide public with his passion and persistence. Lots of teachings along the way.

Highly recommended.