Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Author Yuval Noah Harari
Vote 9/10
Reviewed on 2019-05-12
Read in English

I’ve read this one after Homo Deus, by the same author, which could be considered a bit of a sequel. I do this sometimes, what can I say.

I’ve liked this one very much (more than Homo Deus). There are several ideas which help the reader put history and the world in perspective. Many erudite readers consider this just pop science or downright garbage, yet the value of divulgation is immense as it helps non-specialists to have a basic understanding of fields where they’re not experts. And this book does exactly that. And erudite folks are boring anyway.

Among the things that it throws at the reader:

Many of the points made in this book are then expanded in Homo Deus.

It’s a fun read that will reward the reader with much thought. Highly recommended.