Author Terry Pratchett
Vote 7/10
Reviewed on 2018-09-22
Read in French

Another installment in the Discworld series, this time number 4. I’ve skipped number 3 for no particular reason – there also was no other reason for reading it after book 2 other than they were published in that order. But I digress. The point is that book 4 is the beginning of the story arc of Mort, a completely untalented boy who is chosen by Death itself1 as an assistant.

The story plot and the humor were interesting enough to keep me wanting to read until the end. Not sure if I really like the conclusion, but it’s hard to say why. It’s not an open ending that leaves a place for a sequel, even though we know that there were. Maybe it’s just because I wasn’t expecting it to end that way, which I find somehow dismissive.

Characters are funny. It’s very hard to accomplish such feat without me feeling that the author is trying too hard, but this is already the second in the series that feels totally natural humor, and I liked it.

So why not a higher grade? Let me think.

It’s because of the instinctive detachment that I feel from a book that is not set in the real world. Sure, most things are universal, magic or not. But that doesn’t change how I feel after this work.

1: The author gave Death a gender, and I think it was a male, but I can’t remember details of such unimportance.