Author Leïla Slimani
Vote 4/10
Reviewed on 2019-04-13
Read in French

A pretty unnecessary crime story about a brutal infanticide. The nanny seems perfect (the alternative title to the book is The Perfect Nanny) but the reader understands that it’s quite the contrary since the first lines of the book. The choice is a bit brave in that the beginning itself tells already the end of the story and the crude fact is even reported on some edition’s covers. It doesn’t matter though. The writer explores the dark in the life of Louise that leads her to the tragic gesture. It’s reasonably well-developed even though a few threads felt unresolved to me.

It surprised me that it won a Prix Goncourt 🙄 and that for some reason, it was also acclaimed by The Guardian. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you want some easy but empty read.