Double Star

Author Robert A. Heinlein
Vote 7/10
Reviewed on 2020-02-24
Read in English

First book I read by this author, popped up in my reading club (I had Stranger in a Strange Land in my reading list), and I was pleasantly surprised. Somewhere in the future, a famous politician (Bonforte) is kidnapped right before an event of vital importance. To keep this a secret, his assistants pay an actor (Lorenzo Smythe) to act as the politician’s double for a short time.

The author hints at the technological advances without explaining them thoroughly. The narration doesn’t suffer from this kind of omissions – they make the book read like a story told from someone coming living at the time of the events.

The story is centered around politics, but this didn’t make reading it uninteresting. Heinlein has a way of making it sound enticing and keeps surprising the reader with the humility and pettiness of his heroes. Lorenzo is often scared and intolerant, but accepts his role with time.