Éloge de la lucidité

Author Ilios Kotsou
Vote 7/10
Reviewed on 2018-08-25
Read in French

The author organizes the book into two parts: In the first part, he describes the mental devices that we use to avoid facing ourselves and our problems; in the second, he proposes solutions to those devices.

If you’ve ever read a book about meditation, this one will tell you a few things you’ve read elsewhere already. But it’s nicely put, and there are some insights that are worth reading. One example: our search for self-esteem (which is not self-confidence!) wears us out. It makes us want things we only want because others have them, and in their pursue, we lose our peace of mind. Another one: the plague of the books on positive thinking, that try to make us believe that we can control our thoughts, and make them and ourselves happy. Studies prove that we have no control over what we think; but we can accept our thoughts as a normal part of our lives, and a condition to also access the other face of the same token, what of good life has in store for us.