My current focus (as of September 8th, 2019) is on:

  1. Getting back in shape with problem-solving
  2. Focused courses on PluralSight

Let me explain.

Getting back in shape with problem-solving

Lately, I’ve reflected on side projects and career growth in general. Often I want to start some side project without having a real problem that I want solved. In the long run, this deprives me of motivation and I end up giving up.

I want to stay open to start one project when I feel I’ve got something interesting to develop, but I don’t want to create yet another implementation of a solved problem (it was a markdown parser last time).

Programming contests offer problems that don’t require weeks of work but can be worked on in a single session (30-120 minutes). I’ll stick to them for a while.

Focused courses on PluralSight

I’m trying PluralSight because I’ve seen a very interesting and to-the-point course on Node. My experience with books has been pretty negative recently, so I want to see if it gets better with the course format. I’m going through the very thorough Learn Docker course and if feels like I’m learning valuable things that help me doing my day-to-day job.


This is me today:

Me (2019-09-08 14:07)

Basic lifts

For the estimated 1RM, I rely on the FitNotes 1RM estimator, which sometimes feels quite unrealistic (I use a superscript ? when I notice one such estimation).

Lift Recorded Estimated 1RM Date
Squat 67.5 kg (10RM) 67.5 kg? July 21
Bench Press 65.5 kg (10RM) 65.5 kg? July 26
Deadlift 95 kg (2RM) 95 kg June 4

Currently reading


I credit Derek Sivers for the idea of the Now page.