Writing a simple calculator in Racket

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Frustrated by several attempts at creating GUI-based programs that I’ve tried in the past, I decided to try how differently the story could end when using a language that promises enlightenment to its users. I ended up writing Calculon, a simple calculator, and in the process learned a couple of things about Racket and the racket/gui module (and paid homage to one of the best cartoons in history).

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Twelve weeks of Racket and CS:APP

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As promised, this is a wrap up of my experience concentrating for (slightly more than) 12 weeks on only 2 subjects. For this first stint, I chose to learn Racket and to read Computer Systems: A Programmer’s Perspective. Not long ago I have lost interest in providing ultimate motivations for what I do in my free time; I’ll just stick to what happened. (I can’t promise I won’t motivate everything else, which is not ultimate.)

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Kicking the tires

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In the hot, cruel desert of this space, wind howled in solitude. A stone statue lay on the ground like a man asleep, succumbing to its own weight, mental and physical. For more than one year, no stirring. The sun shines on again today. A wanderer passes by on a camel, and looks at the strange statue. He swears that he saw it moving.

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The SQLite3 C++ API

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I was looking for some practice with DBs, and my choice fell on the SQLite project, maybe only because it looked lighter than PostgreSQL, which I also plan to play with. My first general impression about the API is that it looks a little too much C-oriented, even though I am not sure whether this is a good or a bad thing, and I am ignorant about the latitude of choice an engineer has when designing an API that has to interact with applications written in either C or C++.

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