The website

I have come to like static website generators, because they allow me to follow a workflow more similar to developing software, and the generated pages render extremely fast. I write my content in Markdown.

Starting on February 7, 2021, I switched to Lektor.

Between 2017 and 2021, this entire website was generated using Hexo, and is hosted on GitHub Pages. For details about my workflow, read this.

Until December 2017, I generated it using Frog.

Before that, it used to run as an instance of Node.js with MongoDB, and was powered by Express, a Web framework for Node.js, Jade, a Node template engine to generate the HTML, and Stylus, a CSS preprocessor.

Gergelim is the Portuguese word for Sesame.


Me (2020-12-23 16:59)

I am a software engineer in love with the process, not with the goal.

I believe in the value of Open Source software as an expression of freedom and creativity. Most if not all of my contributions are on GitHub.

My public GPG key is 0x39BBDB6C.

I tweet from @increatore, mostly about programming and books.

Most of what I've read is here.