Budgeter - Overview

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Budgeter social photo (© Fabian Blank via Unsplash)

To practice a bit with React and Node.js, not long ago I’ve started writing a small application with the tentative name of Budgeter. It’s been a serious attempt at starting something and consider it finished. I’ve learned a few things and I want to start writing about them in a series of posts.

Here’s a tentative, rough layout of what I want to talk about. Some of them are strictly technical, but at least one is more philosophical and deals with the definition of “done” and its approximation.

  • Lessons learned: How to finish projects
  • Setup a development environment with Express and React with option to deploy to Heroku
  • Deal with authentication “by hand” and JSON Web Tokens
  • Managing states with reducers in React
  • Use a chain of middlewares in Express to achieve something
  • Using Bootstrap and Reactstrap and why we need the latter
  • Future development

Random factoid: I’d logged 27 hours and 30’ when I considered the first milestone completed and put the project in the open

The repository is available on GitHub.