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Hi guest! My name is Gianluca and this blog is part of gergel.im, my project of documenting my experiences with the C++ programming language. My objective is to consistently improve my C++ skills.

I blog as a practitioner and learner, and in no way as an expert. I hope to collect much feedback along the way: I believe that the primary tool to seriously learning C++ is:

  1. doing
  2. getting feedback about the output

In the long run, I hope that my notes can help my fellow learners and practitioners gain new perspectives and solve some of their problems.

Apart from actually working with C++ during my daily job, which provides me some experience on the field, my learning approach follows several concurrent paths:

  • personal projects
  • books
  • programming snippets focused on specific features
  • analysis of blogs and stackoverflow questions
  • reading code: STL, Boost, and a pinch of protobuf are among my current readings

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