Review: Zero to One

:: Peter Thiel, non-fiction, non-technical, startup, entrepreneurship

Zero to One

Zero to One collects the edited version of a college course on Entrepreneurship taught by Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and Palantir1. It analyzes the ground on which a startup can prosper, drawing examples from both his personal experience and from the usual success cases, even though, maybe. in this book there aren’t so many, or at least are not presented as a dry collection of anecdotes.

Review: La nuit de feu

:: literature, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, fiction, non-technical

La nuit de feu (French cover)

La nuit de feu is a book by the French author Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt and is part of my effort to learn this fine language by also reading it. I had read another book by the same author this year, and I wasn’t enthusiast about it; I also recognize, though, that the first 10 or 20 books I read in a language I don’t master are inevitably penalized in my judgment. But oh well, c’est la vie.

Write a CGI program

:: cgi, apache, ubuntu

Today I wanted to make some experiments with CGI on my newly-installed Ubuntu 16.04. There are a few steps to take before starting to experiment, and I’m writing them down here in case anyone else wants to try something similar.

Writing a simple calculator in Racket

:: racket, racket/gui, calculator, calculon

Frustrated by several attempts at creating GUI-based programs that I’ve tried in the past, I decided to try how differently the story could end when using a language that promises enlightenment to its users. I ended up writing Calculon, a simple calculator, and in the process learned a couple of things about Racket and the racket/gui module (and paid homage to one of the best cartoons in history).

Twelve weeks of Racket and CS:APP

:: twelve-weeks, racket, books

As promised, this is a wrap up of my experience concentrating for (slightly more than) 12 weeks on only 2 subjects. For this first stint, I chose to learn Racket and to read Computer Systems: A Programmer’s Perspective. Not long ago I have lost interest in providing ultimate motivations for what I do in my free time; I’ll just stick to what happened. (I can’t promise I won’t motivate everything else, which is not ultimate.)

Kicking the tires

:: reflection, blog

In the hot, cruel desert of this space, wind howled in solitude. A stone statue lay on the ground like a man asleep, succumbing to its own weight, mental and physical. For more than one year, no stirring. The sun shines on again today. A wanderer passes by on a camel, and looks at the strange statue. He swears that he saw it moving.