About me

Drinking Turkish Tea

I am a software engineer. I enjoy creating and growing software systems, and growing up myself in the process.

I believe in the value of Open Source software as a context of reciprocal help to grow, and as an educational model. I contribute on Open source mainly on GitHub.

My long-term objective is to become a highly skilled, generalist, and polyglot programmer and problem solver. When the time is ripe, I want to be able to deliver an impeccable execution for my own system/business idea.

I specialize in creating libraries and applications in GNU/Linux environments. I am currently very happily employed by Opera, working in the glorious Linux/Mac Desktop team in C++. Git is my version control tool of choice.

If you want to exchange ideas, please drop me an email here or here.

My GPG public key is 0x39BBDB6C. I have the privilege of being a user of Keybase.io, where the key is being put to good use.

Most of what I’ve read is here.